The Largest Organic Pineapple Farm in the World

We at Collin Street Bakery’s Finca Corsicana would like to invite you to join us for our Pineapple Tour. It is a very special project that has something for people of all ages and walks of life.

We are the only farm in the world producing Certified Organic golden pineapple on a large scale; we are considered to be pioneers in Organic production. We are also Certified Fair Trade, and our commitment to our workers, our community, and to our environment is evident throughout the farm.

On our tour, visitors learn about the cultivation of pineapple in harmony with nature.  Join us to learn the history and morphology of pineapple, be in direct contact with an operating pineapple farm, visit the packing plant, and take a fun and informative trip through the plantation in the comfort of a unique trailer. We will enjoy the freshest cut pineapple and pineapple juice you will ever taste, making this tour one you will remember for years to come.

  • Come for a tour

    Learn the history of Pineapple
    Eat fresh Pineapple
    See the path of the pineapple from seed to export
    Enjoy fresh Pineapple juice
  • Organo Mixto

    Learn more about Organo Mixto and their involvement with Finca Corsicana.
  • Our Certifications

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    In addition to our work with Whole Trade, we are Fair Trade certified and others. Learn more about what that means here.
  • The Farm

    Collin Street Bakery's Finca Corsicana is the largest Organic Pineapple Farm in the world. Learn more about the history of the farm.

Pineapples grown in harmony with nature

Come see first-hand how our pineapples are grown in harmony with nature. Over 25% of our farm is left in its natural state: forest, rivers, springs. While on the pineapple tour you'll pass through fields of pineapples alongside patches of forest full of wildlife.

  • Come Visit Us!

    Visit an operating Organic Pineapple Farm
  • Contact Us For Reservation Information

    Click here to contact us for reservation availability and more information about visiting Finca Corsicana.